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What information do I need to wire money in or out of a Bank of SC account?
To wire money from BKSC to another Financial Institution you will need the institution’s routing number as well as the recipient’s full name, account number, and address. If you are trying to receive funds you will need to provide the sender with the Bank of SC routing number (053201872) and your account number.
What can I do about unauthorized debits from my account?
If the debits are check card purchases, then you should notify the bank immediately as your banking information might be compromised. Be aware that some charges might be combinations of purchases, these charges will itemize as they settle in your account. Most double charges drop off of your account automatically, so exercise patience when these occur. If a double charge is still there a second day, then contact the bank for assistance. If the unauthorized debit is an electronic draft or ACH, then you should contact your personal banker and complete an unauthorized ACH form.
I lost my Visa Checkcard. What do I do?
In the event that your Visa Checkcard is lost or stolen, it is imperative that you contact the bank immediately.  It is also helpful to note your card number, the amount and location of your last purchase; as well as, the approximate time your card went missing.
If you lose your Visa Checkcard on a weekend or after normal business hours please click Report Lost/Stolen card to contact VISA directly or
How do I change my address?
When changing addresses you have two options: you may either go to a branch and complete a change of address form with a personal banker, or, if you can’t make it to the bank, you may mail a signed letter requesting a change of address. If mailing a letter request make sure to include both the old and new addresses as well as the accounts affected.
What documents do I need to open an account?
To open a personal account you will need a picture ID issued by a government agency in South Carolina, i.e. a SC driver’s license or a military ID card. The necessary documents for all accounts vary, but make sure that if you are opening a business account that you have documentation proving the existence of your entity. The best way to prepare is to contact a personal banker and discuss with them the type of account you are looking into, and they will be able to advise you more specifically as what documentation will be necessary.